Monday, October 27, 2008

Memed! AKA Daddy Would Have Gotten Us Uzis!

Maudie has tagged me!

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Because I'm a terrible "meme-r" I'm not tagging anyone, but anyone who reads me who feels like doing this should let me know, cause I like reading them.

7 Things about me:

  1. I am eating an awesome Waldorf Salad right now. With strawberries added because they're yummy.
  2. I'm thinking about getting fake nails later today, painted black, for my witch thing later this week. But I'd have to get them repainted for any potential job interviews and that's going to be annoying. Hmmm. And I generally hate the fake nails because I can't type in them, but it's SUCH a good part of a "sexy-ish" witch costume to have lonnnnnng fingernails. Which I cannot manage naturally anymore.
  3. I'm being so lazy in most of my classes this week. Showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the "Hush" episode) in most of them. But there's a really theoretical reason behind it. Seriously. I'm teaching film & popular culture analysis. (Heh Heh).
  4. Night of the Comet is one of my all time favorite movies. I wish it were out on DVD.
  5. I did an online Tarot reading last week before the job I'm applying for was listed and it predicted good things. I'm hopeful. I know Tarot is just hooey but still maybe it's going to be real!
  6. I still want to be a ballerina. But not enough to take classes. I'd just like to magically morph into a Prima.
  7. I've got pistachios, too! mmmmm. Addiction is my friend. (Can you tell I skipped out on some of my office hour today to go to the store?) :)


J said...

Greeting from Chicago (my new second-favorite city)
yayy! Night of the Comet!
Good luck on the interviews :)