Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Succumbing to the Masses

So, today, I popped in to Wally world and came out with the Tinkerbell shoes my daughter has been bugging me to buy her for the last two weeks. She would ask for them with the self-assurance that they were out there (in spite of me not finding them anywhere I had looked) as though she knew I just wasn't APPLYING myself, dammit. :) So ridiculously happy about that purchase, I also fell into a trap zone that I usually do not let myself fall into. What everybody is doing. Yes, here is my guilty lemming following: I bought one of the Stephanie Meyer teen vampire books--Twilight. I've been reading it; it's not too bad. I guess they're doing a movie on this, and I can see why girls (especially) are digging on it. I would have loved it when I was seventeen. A lot.

It's funny, too, (to me) that it takes place in an area that I lived for about four years (the Seattle area).

Anyways. I got stuff to do. But I wanted to blog that I am fine, babies are well again, I am mostly cured (still a little ick but not bad at all). The speech went fine last weekend (I know I haven't really blogged much about it. I don't really have much to say other than it went well.) I'm supposed to be sorting through the dozens of huge containers of baby toys and getting rid of stuff they don't play with. I don't wanna, though. I wish I could afford to pay someone to clean my house for me all the time. Dammit, why am I not a Hilton sister? :)

This book, the teen vamp thing, it qualifies as work. Really. Cause I might have to work it into my dissertation turned into first book. I need a new chapter, and something really current and really really popular would work very well. Anyways.

Maybe a nap. I love summer, but it is going too fast.


nissa, goddess after five said...

Anja has been asking for a saxophone the past few days. I figure if it goes on for a week, then I'll get her one. I found a cute one online.

I bought Twilight too, but haven't started it yet ;-)