Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have You Seen Junior's Grades?

In which your plucky heroine turns 13 and a grandmother....

Yesterday at the Doctor's office for Sean's ear checkup, an old guy asked me if my babies were my grandkids. Wow. I'm 39, so it is POSSible that I could have grandkids. If I started young and my kids therefore started young too. But it's a stretch. And that's one of those questions that you JUST DON'T ASK A WOMAN ever. Like how much she weighs and also if she's pregnant when it's not obvious. I don't look THAT old, people. But it was a moment of ick.

And then, during the visit, I also turned 13, figuratively speaking. I got the urge to Text Message a friend of mine. And we've been sending silly juvenile Texts back and forth all day since then. Silly, but hey. I gotta join the younger generation, don't I?

Anyway. I've been avoiding the computer cause on Monday I pulled my neck muscle again and it just hurt to sit here. So that's why no real comments here. I mostly just lay on the couch and read. Which was, in itself, kind of awesome.

13 and a grandmother. You know, it happens.


Anonymous said...

this is what happens with old people. it's why i can't stand most of them; they somehow feel entitled to speak their minds (which are usually shit to begin with), and when you point out their gaffes or insensitivities, they spring that ol' "i've put in my years and so i deserve to speak my mind with it kid!" garbage. overall i've found in my 39 years' experience that old people have no couth or sensitivity, are usually racist or bigots, are mostly conservative, and feel like since they've made it all this way, they deserve to be heard--no matter what atrocities they spew. i was once accused by a blood relative (older) of trying to censor her. "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" she yelled at me. well...perhaps, but you really come off sounding like a worthless human being with your antiquated, sexist, racist ideas. i don't ever let them get away with it; I always call them on it. and in the end, i despise old people for feeling like they're entitled to make others' lives miserable. it's why these baby boomers need to get on with it and die already. i, myself, plan on checking out before my brains turn to mush and i start spewing out nonsense like most of these octogenarians who seem to often confuse the gas pedal for the brakes.

slyboots2 said...

Ah, the tactlessness of age. It happens. And yes, it is hard to endure. I had a particular grandfather who was just shocking in his nastiness. And I owe my husband until my dying breath for not punching the old sot. The other grandfather had flashes of being an ass, but was otherwise such a great guy it was easy to forgive. So there you have it. And then there was my great-grandmother who kept asking me when I was going to get "knocked up" (her words, not mine). She was an absolutely lovely woman of whom I would forgive anything. And give anything to have her back among us. I think the difference is bitterness and a well-lived life. Oh, and beer. She loved beer. We buried her with a 6 pack of Burgie.

Anonymous said...

You're THIRTY-NINE and he asked if you're a grandmother!?!? That's ridiculous! You cannot possibly look old enough to be a grandmother! I always go by the assumption that the adult with the kid is the parent -- if it turns out to be the grandparent, they just feel flattered. ;)
At a doctor's office six months ago, a 39-year-old friend of mine was mistaken for his mother's husband by a nurse. His mother is 58! She doesn't look THAT young, and he doesn't look THAT old!

nissa, goddess after five said...

That happened to my mom at the grocery store when I was about 3, which would have made my mom all of about 35!!

ccw said...

Completely non-related: I hadn't clicked you from my comments so I didn't realize this was you until I happened to see a comment on Celina's blog.

I have always said that people shouldn't be allowed to speak after a certain age. If the famous ones can't be "handled" enough not to say dumb stuff then the regular ones certainly have no hope.

My mom was a grandmother at 39 which is not remotely unusual for the area where I grew up. However, if she took Kid L out without me it was assumed that she was the mother. 39 is not even remotely old and I've seen pictures of you; you do not look like a grandmother.