Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fake Words

Lately, when I have to type one of those "fake words" for verifying I am indeed a real person and not a spambot (an interesting image there--robot made of spam) I've noticed that they seem to have made that process more sophisticated. The "words" are more like words. Before when you would have to type some horrid combination of vowels & consonants that you'd have to look at several times to get right (and often the letters would wiggle in just such a way that you'd think-- is that a t or an f?) it would be really irritating to me, and I wondered about people who have just a little bit of eyesight issues, or certain reading disabilities.

But the last few I've done have almost been words. It's kind of pleasant, and I start to think "what if that WAS a word? what would it mean?" But then, I am a little bit on the weird side. ;)

And I'm loving the rainy weekend day we're having today-- a long moment after coming home where the hot lava colored dragonfly who keeps visiting our pond hovered and really seemed to be looking at us for quite some time, saying "hello" or perhaps chasing us off, a really good book,* naps, and a husband home and grumbling at bills and records.

And none of those fake words I imagine are for mundane things like bills or records. They're words like "magic" and "hero" and "rescue" and "ice cream."


*Alice Hoffman's The Story Sisters.... possibly her best since Practical Magic.