Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Journal

I bought a new fancy journal today at B&N. I had about an hour there to linger with coffee and cinnamon scone (not the free ones!) This journal is very pretty and I tend to be a sucker for these empty books. I imagine, when I buy them, what I'll fill them with. It's like a gym membership--filled with all kinds of good intentions. Sometimes they get filled, sometimes they don't.

This one is really pretty & fits in my purse. It has a cobalt blue cover with an elastic band attached by a pretty five-pointed star. It is handmade in Nepal, and supposedly very Eco-friendly and created by a mostly female co-op. It was pricey enough that I believe it; I hope at least enough of that money I spent goes to those women workers so far away. I don't always believe the eco greenwashing propaganda of products like that-- perhaps some woman got about 5 cents on my purchase price. At least it's something, though. I hope.

I wrote in it; several pages all about loss & mourning & how I miss time spent like today in the bookstore, lurking, thinking. I like it, and I kind of intended to retype it here but I think I'll leave it in the print vs. e-journal version.

I'm trying to move away from the whiney complainy posts and the blogging about blogging that tends to happen when you think about the process too much (here I go again.) So... look forward to moments of scribbled notes from my new blue journal. My July New Year's resolution is to be more creative less "me me me." Hopefully, this can happen and creativity will flow out of the pretty cobalt covers.