Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walkers: the same age?

This morning, as I was driving the boychild to school, I spotted several walking folks in my neighborhood who were awfully cute youngish men.  Among these were one adorable man with with neat chin length dreadlocks (I'm a sucker for good looking dreads) and one very clean-cut button down shirt & very short hair, looked like the guy who would carry your books for you home from the library, but secretly listen to the Talking Heads on his IPod.

What is significant about this is that people don't really walk in my neighborhood.  It's a strange few blocks that have no sidewalks (which is annoying as heck) and is kind of a busy street so it's not actually all that good of an idea to walk there.  So I thought about why the universe was throwing two cute walking youngsters my way. 

One thing these two very adorable young men revealed to me this morning is how old I am, at least on that front.  I didn't think of them in any sort of lewd manner, just thought of how cute they were, like puppies you just wanna adopt & buy a comfy doggie bed for. 

It's sort of like on American Idol, there's a cute finalist whom one of the judges (who is about my age and/or maybe a bit younger) was flirtatious with, and he quite naughtily sang Mrs. Robinson the other night to tease.  I don't think of that young guy (who is gorgeous, by the way, and super talented) as someone "on my list." 

I don't know what the point is here, but I just wanted to think about it a little bit.  I think it's a good thing-- there comes a time when you don't want to be Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed & Confused