Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poison Ivy

No, not the sexy Uma Thurman kind.  This Poison Ivy is NOT at all good with a leaf green outfit and mask.  Oy vey does it hurt!

Last Monday, boychild had a blotch on his face when picked up from school.  I assumed it was a mosquito bite cause after all, this is La, and mosquitos are the official welcome-bird of Spring, Summer, and anything short of nuclear winter.  I'm pretty positive it didn't happen at school-- most likely, it just took that time to set in from the previous day.  No big, right, one little splotch of scratchiness?
I also worked to clean up the garden bed of our new rental property and had a big piece of poison oak's woody vine pop up onto my left upper arm.  It instantly left a burn mark-- yes, a burn mark-- but it did not really itch.  I went and washed it off and figured I was safe. 

So since then, poor boychild's face has erupted in multiple itchy scabby bits and my arm itches so much I may cut it off.  It would be an improvement.  I have tried the various washes-- including the 30 dollar, "will get rid of that nasty poision ivy oil for you" stuff.  (Works a little, not a lot). 

We have a lot of Poison Ivy plants in this area because it rains a lot, and we have nice fertile soil & warm, sunny days.  The swampland is prone to growing things we don't want. 

I will never, ever, underestimate the dangers of this plant, and man oh man, to imagine how awful it would be if it were in more "awkward to scratch" areas.