Monday, October 26, 2009

Spitting in the Face of the Void

A friend wonders in his FB status update "if blogs are dead." Nah. I don't think so, but they've "moved on". Few people really comment here-- I import my blogs to FB and most of my comments happen there. So perhaps the technology of blogs w/ Twitter w/ FB w/ whatever has shifted and people have a 200 letter attention span. It's possible. But I deny the end until it's over.

But I do read a couple of blogs that I am not connected to on Facebook. The Writing as Joe blog, for example, seems a vibrant and wonderful as ever. I long to write more like Joe, to go to a quiet retreat at a lovely monastery once a year, to take such amazing photos. But I'm not as good a blogger as she is, I don't have her amazing rock star life. But I can aspire. :) Maybe that's why her blog lives on-- because she is the kind of writer that inspires us to be better (writers, people, etc.)

I have always written my blog for me. It's my journal, my record of days. For a while, people other than myself read it on a daily basis. And that was kinda fun. And that's mostly over, here, yes. And I probably have put things too personal up on it sometimes because it feels like a personal thing, and I probably have sometimes seemed really self-centered (because right here IS about me if nothing else in life is). But daily life is sometimes fun, sometimes boring, and sometimes worth writing about. *

I'll keep this going until I am bored with it, but since I like the daily or weekly (sometimes) grind of thinking about things I doubt that will ever happen. I don't think, like I once did, about certain events in my life "I can't wait to blog about that". But I do still like this space.
Keep watching. Or don't. I'll be here one way or another.
* these links are to my old blog, from the "golden age" of blogging.


jo(e) said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely compliment.

kim wells said...

You're welcome, Jo(e). I've always loved your blog and I do think you're one of the few that I keep reading. ;) Have a good one.

ccw said...

I love jo(e)'s blog but I have become a bad blog reader and seldom visit any.

My blog seems to already be dead and like you I don't have that rush to commit something to memory until I can get to my computer. Mine has certainly declined in quality, topics, and readership. I keep telling myself to keep it going until I hit 5 years in the spring and then let it go.

Keely said...

Hi Kim. Not sure if you'd remember me, but I was one of your daily readers and commenters years ago. Pre-twins. We once talked about meeting for margaritas in SA, but it never happened. Anyway, for some reason you popped into my head this evening so I googled: Kim twins San Antonio blogger and I found this page. Yay me! :) A lot has changed in 4 years, I don't blog as much as I'd like. But I wanted to say hi. All those years ago (I'm so dramatic, it was only 4 or 5 - but now I've got 2 kids so my sense of time is warped) you were one of my favorites. Hope you are well. :)

kim wells said...

Hey Keely: I do remember you! I'm glad you found me! I don't blog as often as I used to but I try. If you're on facebook I do that a lot more. Off to see if you still have a blog.