Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am a PC person. It all started just about my junior year of college-- hubby bought me my first real computer outside of the campus comp labs which were mostly Mac. I was hooked.

So let me say, we bought an Ipod last week. 8 gb. Cute hot pink. And our Bose stero system thing that we're supposed to hook said IPOD into to play music at home. I loaded about half the 8 GB with music from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. We also have this gadget that's supposed to play the IPOD shuffle on your car stereo.

Sometime Monday ish the first IPOD flaked out. I took it back, said "this un's broken" and got a new one. Today, second IPOD seems to have done the same thing. I THINK it's the car stereo gadget doing something. It's really really irritating. I hope that it's just a wonky battery or something and not a need to go BACK to Sam's and say "I have a second broken IPOD" cause I think they would think I was doing something wrong. (When I really have been very careful.)

Technology, if didn't know this already, is inherently evil. If you don't believe me, ask Murphy.


slyboots2 said...

Ok, here is where I pitch for the home team. I have a Zune. It rocks. I haven't broken it yet, and I have tried. Believe me- it was part of the job. And I could not break the bugger. I have a 4GB- it is perfect for the gym. Ipod is cool as hell, but they can cook pretty easily- I have a friend who is a serious Mac guy- has to use one for a living- and he has replaced his Ipod several times, as it goes brick on him with frequency.

Anonymous said...

now here's where i pitch for the "other" team. bought my (now seriously outdated) ipod 30 GB almost 3 years ago. that's an ice age in ipod years. dropped it on concrete 4 times! aside from scratches on the body (it was never in a protective case), everything is perfect. the only thing is that the battery doesn't last long at all, so it pretty much needs to be recharged a lot. but i have about 9,000 songs on there, most of them stolen, so I'm not about to buy a new one.