Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Okey Dokey

I have played around with this new blog all morning. I am never NOT amazed by how much time one can waste deciding on colors, or links, or gadgets to add to your blogs. Now I have a cool freebie background which I LOVE (thanks to the designer who made it; now if I could only get her to make it for me alone!). I have a flickr stream with pictures of my lovely babies & my hubby & a few of me here and there. I have a counter, so I can see who comes by to visit (well, sort of. Where you are, but not much else). I have a nifty quotation from Anne Sexton at the bottom of the page. I think we're mostly open for bid-ness (as they say here in the South).

Now my task is to spend some time actually writing fiction & poetry to go here. Hmmm. Was that coffee I heard calling my name?


kim wells said...

checking my commenter thingy

jo(e) said...

This looks like a great new space!