Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Siren Gets a Haircut

Really. She couldn’t explain
it was such a relief
to spend fewer hours
combing through those
salty green tresses
with starfish combs
and pinning
it up with mother of pearl pins.

This short
bob with bangs
made her head feel

She seemed to think more

Like, for example:
why waste so much time
singing sailors
into the rocks?

Maybe, instead, she could
      read a book
      write some poetry
      take a lover
who didn’t
drown immediately.

Learn something
      about the sky,
for once.

Already she could hear
   the strains of
      Revolution in the air.

Kaw.... May 2011


Joseph Drinkard said...

It's been a while since a poem made me laugh. Thanks for that! Loved the work!