Sunday, September 13, 2009



I like the ampersand. It's a very pretty piece of--well, it's not really punctuation, nor is it a letter. I must google it. OOh. It's a logogram. Cool. Learn something new every. single. day.

Anyway. A lot of fonts go curly and fancy on ampersands. I include it in my page title, although not in the url (I don't think you can in blogger). I remember using it a whole lot in an early draft of my dissertation and having my advisor ping about it. I know, I know. It's not formal and academese-y enough.

I use it a lot in poetry. ee cummings used it a lot, and perhaps that's one place his poetry has continued to influence mine. Since he was one of my first favorite poets (still is, in fact) I know his work has resonated on my brain since high school. So perhaps it's all his fault.

& then...

I hear a child messing with my other computer, the computer is pinging "help help help" at me. So my not-saying-anything-really blog post is now officially over.



Anonymous said...

does anyone beside me read blogs anymore? or are

kim wells said...

I read blogs, but they are kind of outdated. I do input my blogs into Facebook, though, and a number of people read them there. And comment there more than here. It's very convenient. :)

Pearl said...

ampersand love?

yes, blogs are starting to retreat I think but should FB fail, it'll come back.